Surfcasting Pulley Rig

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Fishing Essentials Surfcasting Pulley Rig is an ingenious rig designed for surfcasting or rock fishing. Ready to go out of the packet, simply clip on your sinker and attach to your mainline and you are ready to start reeling in fish. Designed to increase your casting distance through the use of a quick release clip to hold the hook and bait during the cast, streamlining the rig through the air. Once the sinker hits the sea floor it releases the bait and hook for optimal placement, held off the bottom away from crabs by strategically placed floats.

  • Ideal for surfcasting/beach or rock fishing
  • 2 hook/float traces and one clip down/sinker trace
  • Clip down rig allows for greater casting distances
  • Fish attractant floats keep baits off the bottom

These high quality surfcasting rigs are part of Fishing Essentials range of “tackle you can trust”, to view the full range click here.