Beads – Green Round 12mm (20 per pack)


Fishing Essentials fishing beads are extremely popular when making or modifying rigs. They have many different uses when making rigs. Often used to prevent knot failure by acting as a shock absorber between running sinkers and knots, or to keep skirts from slipping down over hooks. Also useful when used before your swivel to prevent it from being wound through the top rod guide. A must have in your tackle box. When fishing with beads the colours can also act as a fish attractant.

  • Green round plastic fishing beads
  • Lumo to act as attractant
  • Measurements: 12mm
  • 20 fishing beads per pack
  • Ideal for making your own rigs

These high quality beads are part of Fishing Essentials range of “tackle you can trust”, to view the full range click here.